3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75mm Gray


Product Specifications
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Technical Details

Silk Texture & High Gloss: Anycubic silk pla filament has greatly improved its gloss and silky touch on the basis of pla. At the same time, Silk PLA has good mechanical properties and flexibility, which can reduce the layer lines, leaving a soft touch and an astonishing look to all your prints. Accuracy & Consistency: Anycubic 3D Printer PLA filament of 1.75mm diameter, Minimum dimensional tolerance ±0.02mm, which making filament outflow smoother, came out homogeneous. The low shrinkage, stable printing dimensions make the fusion between the layers was very good to obtain an even better bridging result. You don't worry the diameter changes a lot then the feed rate is disrupted with thicker and thinner layers at all. Gleaming & Premium Quality: A silky touch and a long-lasting shiny glow with fewer visible layer lines, leaving a soft touch and an astonishing look to all your prints. The 3D Printing Silk PLA filament was neat on the roll and leaves the spool easily without any crossed turns. Resulting in less thread pulling and twisting, no clogging, super under-extruding. Wide Compatibility: Made from natural corn and grain, which well-knowed for their recycle properties allowing the Anycubic Silk PLA Filament to degrades naturally in nature. Anycubic PLA Filament Compatible perfectly with most FDM 3D Printers that use 1.75MM filament on the market.
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