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Display your Lego sets with a unique and dynamic look using a 3D Man Wall mount kit.

Free upspace: Building Lego sets is great but knowing where to display them can be tricky. By wall mounting your Lego you can free up precious shelf and desk space. No need to buy any more furniture to display your collection.

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Disclaimer: No lego is included with this product. Only the wall mount for the described product.
LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse 3D Man Limited.

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Unique features

Displays the models angled away from the wall and presented for a unique look while making it easy to remove and place the set back on display. Also includes a flush mount part to mount the models flush to the wall.

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Easy to install: Securely fix the 3D Man kit to any type of wall using readily available plugs and screw fixings.

Make your Lego collection stand out! Set your Lego kits in pride of place in your home or office. Wall mounting them will make your collection look stand out and be a real talking point.

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When using our online 3D printing service, your taking advantage of the latest printing technology, high-quality 3D prints and multiple materials. Giving you design flexibly during the prototyping process, helping reduce production lead times, eliminate tooling costs, and ultimately save you money.

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About 3D Man

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3D printed home decor

3D printing is revolutionizing the world of home décor. This technology allows me to combine complex designs and beautiful textures into truly unique decoration pieces.

Sustainable styling

3D printing also allows home décor pieces to be more environmentally friendly. Using renewable and recycled materials as building blocks offer a way to give a new life to existing plastic materials.

Innovation meets design

By combining traditional home décor elements with modern 3D printing technology, we can create pieces with intricate details and beautiful designs to help you decorate your home.