3D Printer PLA Filament 1.75mm, AB-White


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  • 【Enhanced Toughness PLA+】PLA+ is an enhanced version of ordinary PLA. It has higher strength and better toughness, not easy to break. Made with starch raw materials derived from renewable plant resources, eco-friendly and non-toxic, no harm to to human and the environment.
  • 【Good Printability】PLA+ keeps all the advantages of PLA, easy to print, low shrinkage, no deformation, no cracking, high printing precision. Good layer bonding performance meets your demands for printing functional parts with higher toughness. Ideal for indoor printing.
  • 【Dimensional Tolerance +/- 0.03mm】eSUN PLA+ 3D printer filaments are produced with more precise specification. Minimum tolerance and low warping to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints, no bubbles, less stringing, extremely high printing successful rate.
  • 【Tangle Free & No Plugging】Total Length: 340-350m. Full 1KG 3D printer filament reel, perfect roundness and very tight diameter tolerance, good winding, does not overlap or tangle. Melt well, feed smoothly and constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder.
  • 【High Compatibility】Recommended Extrusion / Nozzle Temperature 210-230℃, Bed Temperature 45-60℃. Compatible with Most of FDM 3D Printers, such as: Prusa, MakerBot, UltiMaker, MK3, Ender 3, Simplify3D, Flashforge, etc. Widly used in machinery, electronic appliances, automobiles, decorations and COSPLAY.
  • 【Vacuumed Sealed Packaging】Filament Net Weight: 1KG. eSUN filament comes in a sealed vacuum bag with a desiccant bag, easily keep your 3D printer filaments at an optimal storage condition and free from dust or dirt before opening the vacuumed sealed packaging.
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